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Qocept Vacancies

View our job vacancies below.

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Qocept has recruited a number of experienced health and safety specialists from different high-risk industries to ensure we are able to provide specialist knowledge and skills across wide ranging areas. This experience and knowledge is vital when mentoring and training our new team members who are passionate and proud to work in the health and safety industry.

Our strategy is to promote positivity across our projects, develop a passionate safety community with everyone working together as one team and building high morale. Encouraging the team to look out for each other and keep colleagues safe is vital in the modern day workplace.

We work together with a project team providing support and advice constantly looking for improvements with a lessons learned process.


Qocept provide wide-ranging services depending on client requirements and whilst these can be tailored for individual needs an example of them are as follows:

Production, review and management of project documentation including HSE & ERP plans, method statements, risk assessments and lift plans.

Site inspections and audits with detailed written reports.

Auditing of management systems to ISO standards.

Complex investigations and detailed reporting.

Review of contractor’s qualifications and competence.

Tender submission.

Project presentations for senior management.

Security advice and planning.

Working with International Regulatory Authorities


Qocept would very much like to work directly with your company and would appreciate the opportunity to provide health and safety specialists to any of your projects. Should you decide to choose Qocept to work with your company we are confident you will be very satisfied with the overall service we provide your company.

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