Health & Safety Officer (HSO) x2

UK and Scotland Based

Health & Safety Officer (HSO) x2

UK and Scotland Based

The Role

An overview of the main tasks and responsibilities as well as the skills of the Health and Safety Officer (HSO) working with and on behalf Project & Logistics Management teams on the Client construction sites.

  • CM Construction Manager
  • G41 Occupational health examination for the ability to work at heights
  • HSE Project Report Template (and Work Instruction) provided by main Client
  • HSE Health, Safety & Environment
  • HSO Health and Safety Officer
  • PLM Project & Logistic Management Department
  • PLM-HSE Team responsible for the administration of the HSO processes and contact point for escalation of HSE topics
  • Toolbox Meetings According to Work Instruction

The HSO creates the HSE Plan based on the country specific regulations, customer requirements and clients standards. The HSO controls and monitors the construction site on behalf of the GPM with regard to occupational health, safety and environment management. Within his responsibilities, he secures compliance with all regulatory HSE requirements for the construction site, such as the HSE plan, the Client Construction Site Regulations and, additionally, the project specific HSE requirements.

  • To check and confirm that site inspections are valid (not expired)
  • The HSO checks and instructs any workmen or subcontractor engaged by the Client, a Client’s branch, Affiliate or any other company of the Client how to comply with fire protection regulations, emergency equipment and use of personal protection equipment
  • The HSO checks and instructs how to comply with environmental procedures, such as waste management and hazardous materials
  • The HSO instructs any workmen or subcontractor engaged by the client, a Client’s branch, Affiliate or any other company of the Client to comply with the agreed safety regulations as described in the current HSE plan and the corresponding documents and databases
  • To inform and discuss the daily findings with the CM (on site/by phone)
  • The preparation, weekly update of the HSE Project Report and distribution to the GPM, CM and PLM-HSE
  • To assign responsibilities in discussion with the CM to define who deals with deviations, follows up on any open actions and reports to the GPM
  • In the event of serious HSE deviations to report immediately to the GPM, CM (by phone and later by email, copy to PLM HSE)
  • To support the GPM, CM introducing improving and preventive measures
  • To check and follow up that all site staff has been registered and keep this register at a safe place
  • To check that all workers involved in work at heights have a current G41 (or other equivalent current medical certificates)
  • To provide and initiate safety inductions and trainings for all staff involved in wind farm construction and engaged by the Client , a Client’s branch, Affiliate or any other company of the Client with regard to health, safety and environment management, including customer requirements
  • To work out or check the project specific HSE plan, Emergency plan, including country specific HSE requirements (SiGe-Plan, etc.)
  • To attend the daily construction meetings in order to receive information of impending site works and offer advice on the safety aspects of those works whenever needed
  • To give support to the presenters of the Toolbox Meetings in the preparation of the content. Occasionally organize Toolbox Meetings
  • To participate in the site walks organized by the CM
  • To organise project meetings regarding safety matters (HSE meetings)
  • To take the necessary measures in cooperation with the CM to achieve the highest possible safety standard and maximum health protection of staff and any third parties on the project site
  • To give advice on HSE issues to all parties involved in the WEC installation on a regular basis
  • To support the GPM and CM with subcontractor communication prior to arrival on site regarding the HSE plan and other necessary safety documents to enable subcontractors to carry out their activities under safe conditions
  • To review the risk assessment and safety documents for the activities prepared by subcontractors prior to activity begin, coordinate and check that local conditions and influence of simultaneous works have been considered and assessed accordingly
  • To inform and assist the GPM to prepare all the necessary HSE communications to Local Authorities
  • It is the responsibility of HSO to organise for emergency situations on site by:
    o Creating an emergency plan and updates whenever required and communication lines to subcontractors and relevant staff
    o Communicate the relevant emergency arrangements to all personnel on site collect signatures from all personnel attending training or receiving emergency information)
    o Organisation of regular training for staff in case of emergency. Organise emergency drills
    o Regular checks of all entrances (including proper identification), picking points, communication channels (check that emergency calls can be done from the construction sites) and emergency signage. If immediate and appropriate help in case of emergency cannot be guaranteed the CM must be made aware of
  • In case of an incident (fatality, severe injuries to person or serious incident) inform by phone the GPM and PLM HSE immediately or asap and give instructions that the area remains untouched until a proper investigation can be carried out
  • Prepare and present to the GPM and PLM HSE the preliminary accident / incident report (include photographic evidence) within 24 hours
  • Take the necessary measures to confirm that local emergency services are informed about the emergency plan and updates or the parts that they need to know to guarantee immediate and appropriate help
  • Attend the HSE meetings organised by the customer when required
  • Regular review of the construction of the wind park operators in terms of HSE – i.e. support Client in ensuring that the behaviour and process of the operators follows HSE principles
  • Cooperation with the customer’s HSO
  • Check that all subcontractors nominate a member of staff as responsible for health and safety issues as a point of contact for the Client and the HSO

The HSO is authorised and expected to take all reasonable measures necessary to ensure the highest possible levels of HSE standards on site are achieved, and that unsafe conditions or acts are reported without delay and necessary corrective and preventative actions implemented.
HSO is authorised, empowered and expected to stop processes, quarantine or evacuate persons from the construction site if people are exposed to immediate and grave danger. He should communicate to the GPM what steps have been taken and why as soon as possible.
If regulations are violated, the HSO shall act according to prior agreement with the CM and the GPM. The GPM and/or CM will decide further steps

The HSO should have the skill and ability to influence the behaviour and attitude of people working on site in a positive way through his particular behaviour and mentality.
Profile of HSO:

  • Responsible and motivated
  • Persistent and consistent in his approach he should always intervene if procedures are not been complied to
    Cooperative and team orientated the HSO is a member of the PM team and should provide all support to the PM team
  • Self-confidence
    Communication skills and conflict resolution skills ensuring good communication between all parties is a very important part of the HSO’s work. He should be able to create communication paths between all parties and find common ground to take discussions to the next level and solve conflicts. He should praise good examples and behaviour
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical approach, meaning that he should be able to examine the evidences or arguments presented
    Language skills (English and local language of the Country)
  • Intercultural competence meaning that the HSO should be sensitive and consider different cultural backgrounds working together

The HSO should have the necessary HSE qualifications to perform his tasks in the country where the project takes place, e.g. in United Kingdom NEBOSH National General Certificate or NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety or NEBOSH Diploma / NVQ Level 5 OS&H.
The HSO must provide valid proof of his ability to work at heights such as a certificate according to GWO Standards or a Clients certificate for training at heights. Other trainings have to be approved by the local Client PLM-HSE Manager. Updates of relevant certificates must be provided regularly

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