Welcome to Qocept

Health & Safety Support

Proudly providing Health and Safety Officers to Onshore wind industry.

Welcome to Qocept

Health & Safety Support

Proudly providing Health and Safety Officers to Onshore wind industry.

Introduction to Qocept

What we do!

Qocept provides an excellent service to all projects, and we continually strive to exceed our clients expectations. HSOs are a vital component of the project team, and is vital our clients receive the very best service from it chosen provider.

Our strategy for supporting clients and our HSOs is unique and differs from other service providers. Our Bespoke approach ensures each client and protective contract is delivered to suits its specific requirements.

We always will represent our clients to the very highest standard, we encourage positivity across a project, develop safe communities in the workplace with everyone working together as one team to make certain a safe and successful project.

We promote high morale which is extremely important to maintain excellent health and safety. Qocept will work with a project’s individual needs from planning to completion.


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We Are Bespoke

All our projects have a tailored package specifically for that project that has not been used in any other projects we have worked with.

Health & Safety Specialists

All our HSE personnel follow the European Standard of Health and Safety legislation and laws. We do not cut corners.

High Quality Service

We may be seen as a relatively new company, but we have very quickly gained an excellent reputation for providing a high quality service for our clients.

Qocept Projects

Our strategy is to promote positivity across our projects, develop a passionate safety community with everyone working together as one team and building high morale. Encouraging the team to look out for each other and keep colleagues safe is vital in the modern day workplace.

We work together with a project team providing support and advice constantly looking for improvements with a lessons learned process.

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We ensure that Qocept conduct all work activities to a responsible manner, which provides the health, safety and security of all its employees, subcontractors and clients. To ensure they receive the highest quality of services that comply with health, safety, environmental, security, legal, quality and regulatory requirements in the countries in which we operate.
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